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The Insurance Circus

Disclaimer: I am grateful to have insurance through my wife’s full-time employment that will partially cover my pre-surgery screenings and the surgery. I know that many people do not have this privilege. This does not change the truth that insurance policies can be complicated, subjective, and generally suck dirt.  Continue reading “The Insurance Circus”


Proactively circumvent unforeseen challenges…

I finally spoke to my pathway coordinator! I almost missed the call! The phone rang at 1600 sharp, but I was napping on my day off from school. When I heard my cell phone ringing, I rolled over, angrily snatched up my phone, determined that the long distance number was a person I probably didn’t want to talk to and sent the call to voicemail. Continue reading “Proactively circumvent unforeseen challenges…”

My First Appointment – SWL Consultation

My wife and I drove passed the office without seeing it. SIRI kept yelling that it was on our left, but we still missed it. From the outside you see two glass windows and a glass door, like a downtown shop, with the clinic name and hours in white letters that were invisible against drawn white blinds. I don’t know what I was expecting, but this level of inconspicuousness was not it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.42.21 PM
Compliments of creepy “See Outside” by Google Earth.

Continue reading “My First Appointment – SWL Consultation”

A friend to lean on…

I have an important professional mission as a nurse and patient advocate to destigmatize and normalize topics that tend to make ignorant or bigoted people uncomfortable. Continue reading “A friend to lean on…”

A Bariatric Sales Represenative!?!

I spent a lot of time yesterday researching the bariatric surgeons and bariatric surgical weight-loss (SWL) programs available in the Pacific Northwest. I visited clinic websites, Facebook facility pages, patient reviews, and did credential searches on surgeons. I Googled and Googled and Googled. I read my insurance plan in regards to bariatric surgery ten times, spoke with rude but informative insurance peons, and made notes. With the help of insurance restrictions, I narrowed my choices down further and then made a selection… The name of the clinic was almost enough to warn me off, as it sounds like a product sold on late night infomercials.  Continue reading “A Bariatric Sales Represenative!?!”

Save my heart, save my eyes, save the feeling in my toes…

Despite subscribing to the personal belief that bariatric surgery was a sign of personal weakness or self-hatred, I have ruminated on it for years. I would binge watch surgeries on YouTube, exhausting the internet for horror-stories. After thoroughly convincing myself that I just need to be a strong person, I would dismiss the idea of bariatric surgery as too expensive and try to renew my interest in good ol’ hard work and will power. This is not a unique story. I think I may have popped into existence with love-handles and a six-pack of jelly rolls (to quote my wife)  in the 80s. I know that I have been more than 200 lbs since I turned ten years old, yoyoing close to 300 lbs throughout my teens and twenties. I have dieted, exercised, lost weight, and then gained it back.  Continue reading “Save my heart, save my eyes, save the feeling in my toes…”

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