I was struck by how often I now hear the word recidivism. My surgeon, nutritionist, exercise physiotherapist, and my pathway coordinator all use it. It is ubiquitous in the world of bariatric surgery, I see it on forums and it comes from the mouths of strangers.
It basically means to return to old habits, but in the world of SWL, it seems to mean that you return to your old habits AND gain the weight back. The rest of the world uses the word recidivism most often in reference to criminals who relapse after there have been measures taken to correct the socially deviant behavior (I.E. jail, probation, community service, or classes). Interesting…

According to Dictionary.com

[ri-sid-uh-viz-uh m]
1. Repeated or habitual relapse, as into crime.
2. Psychiatry. the chronic tendency toward repetition of criminal or antisocial behavior patterns.