I spent a lot of time yesterday researching the bariatric surgeons and bariatric surgical weight-loss (SWL) programs available in the Pacific Northwest. I visited clinic websites, Facebook facility pages, patient reviews, and did credential searches on surgeons. I Googled and Googled and Googled. I read my insurance plan in regards to bariatric surgery ten times, spoke with rude but informative insurance peons, and made notes. With the help of insurance restrictions, I narrowed my choices down further and then made a selection… The name of the clinic was almost enough to warn me off, as it sounds like a product sold on late night infomercials. 

It might be that as a nurse, I feel that medical treatments should be billed to the public as such and should not sound like celebrity spas. Yet, I still chose Eviva. I completed an online request to be contacted regarding services and heard back from a bariatric sales representative & patient coordinator within 24 hours. I was honest in regards to how I felt about her title, it seemed hooky, and I felt like I was trying to be sold a broken car before she even finished her first sentence.  She wasn’t put off, instead she took the time to explain to me why a sales representative is necessary when it comes to bariatric SWL services and what she said made sense to me. Word-of-mouth is one way the fat people hear about SWL, rarely it’s from the mouth of a doctor as a recommendation, but often people hear about SWL through the media and internet. The later provides exposure to the concept, an idea that someone may not have considered or heard of otherwise. She told me that she had a successful gastric bypass more than ten years ago and basically turned it into a job. She had dedicated her time to learning the ins and outs of the SWL process. Everything about the surgeries, perspective clients, insurance companies, and after care. Without people like her, many people would never consider surgery as a tool and others would get lost in the complicated system and insurance politics that surround it. I told her she was a good sales person and that I was sold… at the moment.

She scheduled my first appointment with a surgeon for a consultation and then gave me her phone number to call anytime, just in case I had questions. She would be my care coordinator until the time I completed my first appointment and then I would be assigned a pathway coordinator to carry my torch.