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The sleep medicine doctor called with test results from my polysomnography… Continue reading “SLEEP MEDICINE V”



It has taken me a few days to get over my clinic sleepover experience enough to want to write about it. It was frustrating, fascinating and fucking exhausting.

16537D30-0895-4B67-96BF-A27781686215 Continue reading “SLEEP MEDICINE IV”

Instructions for my sleep study…

It’s the night before my sleep study and I am reviewing the handouts I was given on polysomnography (you may see one of them below). So far I have been told in writing twice and verbally once to be sure that I wear inexpensive pajamas that are light, loose-fitting, and provide ample body coverage. Continue reading “Instructions for my sleep study…”


I am trying very hard to maintain my BMI of 47.9 while I am waiting for my sleep study to be scheduled.  Continue reading “BMI”


I got a phone call to schedule my sleep study!  It will be THIS Wednesday at 2030…  Again, I was reminded that I would need to wear clothes for the sleep study. Apparently there is precedent for nudity and it was traumatizing. I better find a nightclothes that provides my lusciousness  “ample coverage” STAT.

SWL Word of The Day: Recidivism

I was struck by how often I now hear the word recidivism. My surgeon, nutritionist, exercise physiotherapist, and my pathway coordinator all use it. It is ubiquitous in the world of bariatric surgery, I see it on forums and it comes from the mouths of strangers.
Continue reading “SWL Word of The Day: Recidivism”

Sleep Medicine II

My sleep specialist works in a building that is snuggled up against an I5 onramp and an I5 offramp. Getting in and out of the “ample parking lot” was difficult, but the building interior was worth it. Again,  I entered a lobby designed for fat people. Continue reading “Sleep Medicine II”


My referral went through and I was contacted by a receptionist to schedule a consultation with a sleep specialist. They did not have an appointment until the end of July. I took it, but I requested to be placed on the high-priority waitlist. I proceeded to check in with the receptionist every other day and struck gold on the third call… there is an appointment this week on Friday! BOOM! I would love to come in sooner, thank you for offering.

So hungry. So many tests.

If you don’t know what NPO means and you are interested in SWL, you are about to learn all about it. Nihil per os, nothing per oral, nil per os… It all basically means that you may put nothing down your throat no matter how hungry you get. This is for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s because what you eat or drink may alter the accuracy of the test required and sometimes it’s to prevent you from breathing food or vomit into your lungs, regardless it is medically necessary. Continue reading “So hungry. So many tests.”

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